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Cesar and Stef both had a fairly common email problem. They wanted to move their email from AOL to Gmail, but also wanted to take every single email with them. Simple enough request that I get often enough, usually phrased something like, “How do I move all my email from AOL to Gmail???” Not uncommon…(Read More)

Jerusalem House provides a continuum of housing and supportive services for homeless and low-income individuals, families, and children affected by HIV/AIDS and leads the community in meeting their needs, specifically in the Atlanta area. They run a website to house their information, forms, donations, and email marketing. IT Arsenal has worked with Jerusalem…(Read More)

At times, we all could use some help and advice. When Andrew of Mixergy ran into some WordPress issues and was interested in website backup and maintenance in 2011, he worked with IT Arsenal to create a reliable backup system and clean up his site. This spotlight is testament to two great people, Noah Kagan…(Read More)

Today I’m thinking back on the time IT Arsenal worked with Under30CEO. Ironically as I reflect on this I’m now over 30! Under30CEO is a helpful go-to website for any aspiring entrepreneur. It offers tips, interviews, and articles about books, tools, health, fitness, and business. They’re notorious for giving great advice…(Read More)