Recommended Experts


These individuals are amazing not just at what they do, but at being great human beings which, in business, is often more important.
I recommend them wholeheartedly to support your business goals. So much so that I killed my sidebar on this page to display their pretty faces!

Janet Pashleigh: Designer

Specialties: Clean, funky, unique, useable design and working with inspirational entrepreneurial types. I’ve been told by many a client that I can read minds.
IT Arsenal Loves: Janet’s designs are exactly how she describes them, and working with her has always been a great experience! 


Greg Rollett: Product Development


Specialties: Information product development company. We help people with ideas turn those ideas into products and programs that help their clients and customers transform their business and their life. From audio programs to full blown membership content, we do it all from concept, to recording, editing, design and packaging.
IT Arsenal Loves: Greg’s wisdom, and actionable ideas. One conversation with the man will keep you going for months 

Andrew Norcross: Programmer, Developer



Specialties: Custom WordPress theme builds, site audits, custom plugins, site maintenance.
IT Arsenal Loves: Andrews rapid response, and extensive knowledge. 

Ashton Blessing: Photography, Motion Graphics



Specialties: Kangaroo 5 is a video production company based in North Carolina. We provide video production services such as Documentaries, Commercials, Music Videos, Motion Graphics, and much more.
IT Arsenal Loves: Sense of humor, earnestness, and naturally quality work.  

Stella Orange: Copywriting “Wordsmith”


Specialties: Teaches service professionals how to write about what they do in a way that makes people want it. As a copywriter, Stella has written for some of the most successful coaches and thought leaders in a range of industries, helping them grow their businesses to multiple-6 and 7-figures. Trained as a high school teacher and playwright, Stella learned the art of copywriting as a fundraiser for a non-profit art center in Montana.
IT Arsenal Loves: No nonsense approach to good writing

Julie Holmes: Designer


Specialties: Mobile App Designer | Graphic Designer (making small businesses look great on the web, on devices…everywhere!) 

Pete Inge: Designer, Joomla Developer


Specialties: Theme friendly designs, fast response rate 

Ashley Ambirge: Copywriter, Motivator


ashleylogo Website:
Specialties: Runs The Middle Finger Project, an f-bomb infused copywriting company helping you be the person you were meant to BE, get your ass off the warm-up bench, and start your small biz, launch that project, write that book, already.
IT Arsenal Loves: Inspiration, attention grabbing text and teaching

Catherine Caine: Strategist & Names


Specialties: I deliver strategic biz and marketing awesomeisation. Especially names and taglines, message clarification, and breaking down the barriers to your most undiluted work.
IT Arsenal Loves: Pep talks, taglines and naming service

Robb Baily: Marketer

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.48.58 PM
Specialties: Lead generation, content curation, Group Coaching, and SEO 
IT Arsenal Loves: Thorough answers, responsiveness 

Dave Harding: Photographer

Specialties: Photography perspective, subject matter, style, and headshots
IT Arsenal Loves: Fun natured and flexible 

Matt Harding: Photographer

Specialities: Outdoor Lifestyle, Family, Weddings, Graduations, Anniversaries, and Family Events
IT Arsenal Loves: Passion for his craft, great attitude 

Raleigh Leslie: Graphic Designer

Specialities: WordPress Development, Graphic Design, and Marketing
IT Arsenal Loves: Happy demeanor, great response rate

IT Arsenal is privileged to be associated with these names, treat them well, and they will be powerful connections, and possibly friends.


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