Read on if you’ve worked with IT Arsenal before.

Refer for $100

I have a simple offer for you to make $100 by introducing IT Arsenal to someone who needs great technical support.

refer for 100 dollars

Here’s the Deal

Refer one person to the WordPress Maintenance and Backup Plan [$99/month], or the Online Business Lifeline plan [$349/month], and you’ll receive $100 to use on Amazon. That’s it. Whoever you refer gets great service for their website technology, you get $100.

How it Works

Copy one of the two links below and send it to someone you think could use IT Arsenal’s support. [I’d prefer you send it directly, not blast it over social media, but whatever works]

When they purchase, I’ll see your email address and send you a $100 Amazon gift card.

*Make sure to put your email address at the end of the link as shown below*

Referral Link for WordPress Maintenance and Backup

Referral Link for The Online Business Lifeline


That’s it, you’ll see an Amazon gift card in your inbox within 24 hours of the sale. E-mail me if there’s any doubt.

Questions? See the Contact page.


PS. You’re likely here because you’ve worked with IT Arsenal before, thanks for that!