Refer for $100

I have a simple offer for you to earn a $100 Amazon gift card AND make someone incredibly happy by introducing them to a genuinely useful service.

refer for 100 dollars

Here’s the Deal

Refer one user of the monthly WordPress Maintenance and Backup Plan [$99/month], or the Online Business Lifeline plan [$349/month], and you’ll receive $100 to use on Amazon. That’s it. Whoever you refer gets great service for their website technology, you get $100.

How it Works

Copy one of the two links below and send it to someone you think could use IT Arsenal’s support. [I’d prefer you send it directly, not blast it over social media, but whatever works]

If you’d like something custom crafted for your e-mail, no problem, send us a message for that.


*Make sure to put your email address at the end of the link as shown below*

Referral Link for WordPress Maintenance and Backup

Referral Link for The Online Business Lifeline


When a purchase happens, I’ll see your email address in the purchase order, and it’s a done deal, you’ll see an Amazon gift card in your inbox within 24 hours of the sale. E-mail me if there’s any doubt.

Questions? See the Contact page.


PS. You’re likely here because you’ve worked with IT Arsenal before, thanks for that!