E-mail Marketing [newsletters]

E-mail Marketing


How E-mail Newsletters Work

A newsletter [what e-mail marketing generally refers to] is an e-mail that is sent out to a list of people.

Like anything, there’s a thousand ways to make e-mail marketing complex and filled with unknowns, but it’s basically putting addresses on a list, and sending out e-mails to them through a service.

The Need-t0-Know

The e-mails can be designed and written manually at each send, sent in a timed sequence from pre-written content (most commonly called auto-responders) or pulled from an RSS (blog) feed.

People can be put on the list through website forms [most common] or added in other ways.

Most times, the e-mail is sent from a service on the owners behalf, not actually from the owner’s e-mail program.

  • The e-mail can be basic text or filled with pictures and formatting.
  • The subject line is argued to be the most important element.
  • A blog and a newsletter are totally separate.
  • The design of the e-mail can be from a template or designed. Designed templates or changing any elements in a template usually require some HTML knowledge. Best practices for design is argued amongst the experts.

The most challenging part of e-mail marketing is creating an appealing opt-in and getting familiar with your service providers website, both covered later in this section.

E-mail marketing is typically an extension of your business meant to inform, notify and sell to your audience [who has voluntarily signed up] through e-mail.

It’s considered by most to be absolutely critical for quality engagement and sales messages, do not delay in implementing an e-mail marketing strategy for your business.