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IT Arsenal makes technology and website problems go away


Mission: Provide outstanding, over the top, tell your friends about it tech and website support for coaches, service professionals and small teams.

IT Arsenal is a service and support business for online entrepreneurs and small business by Robert Granholm. What’s here? Quality training, essential service, valuable information products, and useful blog content. Common topics:
websites, newsletters, sales systems and troubleshooting, WordPress, Plugins, Hosting, SSL, DNS, and much more.

You’ll also find defense against every computer and web problem that slows or stops your business from here on out in the form of a trusted tech leader and sounding board born from a love of helping and giving technical advice.

You probably need more tech support than what a Google search can offer, it’s here.

Do you ever need somewhere to go for problems like these?

  • This plugin isn’t working.
  • Is my data safe from crashing? Is my blog safe?
  • Is it possible to combine a forum and a blog? Where should I get a website that just works?
  • How does this newsletter, auto-responder, e-mail, website, XXXXX friggin work?!
  • I know there are tools out there I should be using, what are they?
  • Everything online is an application now, Facebook, YouTube, Google, how can I master them so my business grows?
  • I do XXXXX, and need a new computer, what should I get?
  • How can I make my phone, my computers, and everything else sync?
  • I want to launch a new product, how can I XXXXX easily?

Do you want peace of mind or less technical hassles or a better working system? That’s exactly what IT Arsenal is about.

You know you need a newsletter, or want to get into video, maybe edit a video recording you made, or have a professional e-mail address, but you have no idea how to figure that out.

The technology stuff shows up like a huge hurdle for you, you realize you need to understand the basics, but want to do little else. Maybe you’ve written a few newsletters but Mailchimp just changed their format again, or WordPress plugins are crashing your site and you’re scared to update anything, you need someone to go to, someone to trust, and someone who can respond in a few hours, with a screencast of your site and the exact steps to resolve an issue, or to simply log in and fix a problem.

The answers you get from regular customer support aren’t enough, and you need someone who has a foot in your world, that is IT Arsenal. See the Manifesto.

Get a website, set up your sales system, solve your most vexing technical problems so you can focus on your business, not some website backend or broken system.

It’s my calling (and I love it!) to fill the ever growing need of tech support, especially for the online business entrepreneur.


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Work with IT Arsenal to solve your business pains, discover the best tools, and take your projects to the next level.


The IT Arsenal Story

Read about how the company that is always happy to help got started, progressed and is where it is.

    About Rob


    Rob is a tech guy for life. He loves challenges, living life to the fullest and Apple Inc. He’s not one to stay still. Some consider him a jack of all trades, others call him a dreamer. Occasionally people listen to him or ask him hard questions about technology and living well.

    An incessant thirst for figuring out technology (ever since breaking my Dad’s Mac G3 tower) and communication skills are often commented as my biggest assets. I plain just love to help, create, and grow.

    See more about Rob here.