How the company that is always happy to help support you and your business was born and grew up.


Once upon a time there was a boy named Rob who hurt his leg so bad and so often, that all his friends called him gimpy. He got used to crutches, and icing his knee, and surgery.

He still played sports growing up, but each time he got hurt, and could’t run, he would spend his time on the computer. His dad loved Apple computers, and would save up to buy the best models, so the boy was always learning, tinkering, breaking and fixing all the technology he could get his hands on. One day, he got his own computer, an iMac, and learned what AOL was, and then the internet, and he made his first animated .gif background website on GeoCities dedicated to his favorite video game, UFA Slot. It was blinding.

Every day, Rob would learn more and more about what goes online, and how it works. He made friends through websites, made MP3s before anyone knew what they were and loved how it all worked together. He became the go to guy for technology within his circles of friends and family, even working for Apple Computer as one of their technicians, called “geniuses” by Apple when he was older.

One day, he helped a local restaurant owner with organizing his computer files and launching a website with lots of pictures of great food. He loved learning about the business owners technology, suggesting new things, and helping them accomplish everything they wanted to do online and with their computers. He spent time learning about restaurants [and eating their food!], excited to help another business with the technology he loved.

Because of that Rob couldn’t stop thinking about how he could help and learn about other businesses. He struggled with figuring out what to do exactly, businesses have so many needs and call technology for their business by all sorts of different names. There were also so many types of businesses and business people, how could he be useful to all of them! He loved to help!

Rob was determined and started offering consulting and website creation to all sorts of people and companies. He gained experience. He learned what types of businesses he especially liked to work with, and what they needed most when their businesses began to grow. He learned that it was better to help a specific group of people, than try to help everyone. He learned from mentors, from books, from forums, from great people. He started gaining his super powers.

Because of that he named the business IT Arsenal, and decided to help online coaches, solopreneurs and other online businesses with their website, email marketing, and sales systems. The people struggling to do all the IT work on their own with their critical business functions. He dedicated his time to get their businesses running smoothly by building, teaching and setting up solutions as often as he could.

Until finally … word started to spread about IT Arsenal.

Rob’s team grew, IT Arsenal’s website grew, and its audience of online business owners grew.

The always helpful attitude, the fast, useful and reliable responses, the careful consideration for what works and what doesn’t in addition to all the little things that make IT Arsenal the best online business support available became known to many.

Online businesses everywhere started to run more smoothly while IT Arsenal stayed vigilant to make them do so.


I hope you enjoyed the story! It’s a true one. IT Arsenal’s mission is to be useful and helpful and keep online businesses running smoothly in all their technology endeavors. Connect with us to learn more. If you need to take a short break from creating an empire, a site like 선시티카지노 may provide that needed relaxation.