Advanced Integrations

Advanced Integrations

WordPress is a platform that allows developers to build on top of it’s structure to utilize the best web technology out there, but what does that mean?

It means with the WordPress plugin structure you can “bolt on” a complete web store, a forum, a chat room, a membership site and much, much more. When I say “bolt on,” I mean that you can add a new section to an individual page or to the back-end or front-end of a WordPress website.

Configuring multiple plugins to “talk” to each other, or setting up a plugin to “talk” to external sites [like replacing the default comment system with a Facebook comment system], is considered an advanced integration.

These integrations [most times] require a developer or someone who is very familiar with the WordPress platform. Experience with troubleshooting plugins, familiarity with HTML and shortcodes are a must have for implementation.

You can probably install a few advanced integrations easily, but making them work with everything else may prove difficult.


  • Forum Integration
  • Membership / Protected Content
  • Comment System Replacement [Facebook comments]
  • Live Chat

*Backup systems and shopping cart/e-commerce systems can also be considered advanced, but are recommended as necessary and have their own sections in this guide.

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