Reliable help for your website by dedicated, friendly people who love working with you. How’s that sound?

Achieve your plans for the future, overcome obstacles in your present, and forget your headaches of the past.

Packages designed with coaches and service professionals specifically in mind, we support your platforms, whatever they might be, while completing projects and tasks with best practice methods, tools, and exceptional communication.

WordPress experts, website building masters, plugin specialists, hosting, maintenance and backup pros, these are the things we live and breath.

Explore a few of the ways IT Arsenal can help you below, we’re interested in knowing more and eager to provide value and first touches free of charge or obligation.


Grow your business with an affordable, all encompassing, technical support plan from an IT expert and former Apple employee.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have AAA (you know, that car service with the stickers) for your website? Someone friendly, knowledgeable, and out to help when you need it. That is exactly what these packages are all about.

The maintain and fix package is perfect for service professionals who need to update their site, add improvements, and ensure it’s backed up in case of hacks or disaster.

The available support calls, screencast instruction, and reliable follow up make this service useful for businesses that have had a website presence, but are in need of some work, direction, and a trusted advisor for next steps.

Task & Mini Project Examples

“You can’t build a business anymore without technology, but where do you go when the technology gets too difficult and you should be focusing more on your online business and less on set up?”

The Online Business Lifeline helps you avoid problems, patch existing ones, get the best advice, and build your business with an affordable, all encompassing, technical support plan from an IT expert and former Apple employee.

What is Supported? What’s Included?

  • Websites
  • Newsletter Setup
  • Sales System Setup
  • Backup (website and computer)
  • Integrations
  • Social Media
  • Training
  • Access to all IT Arsenal information products and downloads
  • Everything In Between

Build a website, fix your iPhone, get technical business training or consulting, newsletter creation, you name it. Schedule training on WordPress, setup a sales system, ask 100 questions, change web hosts, install Google Apps, endless options. 15 plus years of technical experience (former Apple Genius) at your disposal.

Exclusive support, limited space, only 10 clients per month.


How Does it Work?

After sign up, you’ll fill out a brief design and configuration questionnaire to establish access and a little relationship.

Once that is done, you’re in, you’re on file, you’re supported! I have you on speed dial.

You’ll receive information on the various ways to get in touch, share files, and establish your current goals, issues, and needs. You can schedule an optional introduction meeting.

We’ll be in touch immediately to get started, and one of the first things done is a complete backup of your website.
You can start sending in requests right away, I’m on your team. You’re now covered, protected, and connected. You have somewhere to turn when technology stops being friendly and starts being painful.

How People are Using Lifeline

Here are just a few examples of how members are using ongoing support.

  • Training screencasts created specifically for their projects.
  • Scheduled support calls on what to do next with their business.
  • Website updates, changes, backup and development.
  • New website setup
  • Remote control sessions for computer trouble
  • Technical questions or requests for account setup.

Compare this to services that ONLY set up your website or ONLY build you stock HTML pages, or Craigslist gigs that provide you one time fixes, and you’re quickly saving money.

What Else Could You Call This?

  • Support in a box
  • On call remote help desk
  • Online Business Basecamp
  • Blank check for all your technical needs
  • The tech guru I need, but don’t have

Need More Details?

Are you the type who needs to read every line twice? I have a special “white paper” just for you with more details on how I work, testimonials of people who use or have used this service, and what’s included. Send in your info on the contact page.

Availability and Abuse

  • Available through E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, TXT (etc.), 8am to 11pm.
  • Development and work to be done daily.
  • Phone, video calls and remote control sessions by appointment.
  • Abuse will result in a pro-rated refund for current month, and termination of service.
  • Response time within 48 hours and most cases within 6.


What’s included, really?

This is an extensive list, anything website, computer, mobile device related, you can safely assume anything wordpress, plugin, web service, hosting and, email related. Anything technology oriented that needs configuring.

What isn’t included?

If there’s anything that takes a dedicated programmer like custom development, that won’t be included. Most projects will not take a dedicated programmer and we typically work with well known, well support tools and integrations that are meant to work together. Sometimes owners/people want to bend things to work however they want, and with programming you can do that, but there’s upkeep and costs of developing that thing, if for some reason you want something that is completely custom, or outside the bounds of the tools we’re using, that might take a programmer and we could work with them but that wouldn’t be included in the Lifeline. A little more technically said, this doesn’t mean a bit of CSS of PHP code to tweak things, this is more along the lines of building applications or API scripting from scratch.

Happy clients.


“I loved being completely hands-off in the process. Rob took control of the situation and I felt confident that it was being handled by a top notch professional.”


“I knew I wanted to move web hosts, but was not sure how to do it. Rob’s service is an absolute gem. Not only did he meet but he exceeded my expectations – and they were high after hearing from colleagues who raved. My site was in good hands, and even when I had some hiccups with my mail setup, Rob was right there and highly responsive and helped me resolve the hiccup.”

Joel Runyon – Impossible HQ JOEL RUNYON

“Rob fixed my sites – cleaned up code – sped things up and moved them from Bluehost to InMotion. Rob’s responsiveness is his best asset, I loved being hands off and informed.”

“An IT whiz who went above and beyond with my website migration. Would highly recommend and look forward to working with again. Thanks, Rob!”

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