Robert Granholm
robg200x200Rob is a tech guy for life. He loves challenges, living life to the fullest and Apple Inc. He’s not one to stay still. Some consider him a jack of all trades, others call him a dreamer. Occasionally people listen to him or ask him hard questions about technology and living wisely. He runs IT Arsenal and it’s various sub businesses happily.


Doug Hackman

dough200x200Doug  was a PC using technophobe before meeting Rob in college. Now, Doug owns a Macbook Pro, and uses his iPhone to adjust his home thermostat. Doug and his wife Molly live in Lansdale, PA, and are expecting twins in July. Doug enjoys playing soccer, jogging, and Mexican food. Doug brings years of sales and business development experience from various positions held in the secondary and higher education field. Doug’s goal is to help IT Arsenal connect with more entrepreneurs and to see those individuals grow their businesses with the services we provide.


Doug Tait

dougt200x200Doug is a software engineer with the Boeing Company and provides programming and web support for IT Arsenal. Outside of his work, Doug loves playing music, honing his woodworking skills, and all things outdoors. He lives in Colorado with his wife and infant son.


Brianna Dinan

briannad200x200Brianna is a freelance writer, journalist, and entrepreneur that provides written content and web support for IT Arsenal. Outside of work, Bri uses her knowledge acquired at IT Arsenal to help start her own small business, Philly Maid Green. She is passionate about using her written and verbal communication skills to educate people on the importance of having cleaner, greener, and healthier homes and businesses.

Santa Essie Baggins Granholm


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