Ready Set Websites with All the Right Touches, Built Just for You

The “Builder” website setup service grew out of a realization that most online businesses are boot strapping their way along, they have ideas, products, and revelations but need to be easy on spending and look legitimate online.

I’ve Been There, I Know

You need a starting point and a web presence, and you need it to look real. No more, Homestead Intuit Sites or weird .thisorthat names in the address bar. You need a legitimate website, unique to you, that can be updated with news, products, and fresh text without a frustrating learning curve or constantly calling your “web guy” to change a sentence. A site that’s as easy to update as Facebook.

The Easy Part is Handled

Website Setup

It’s from this realization a website service that is painless in process to the non-technical yet produces a site that’s easily updated by the user (that means you) and legitimate by web standards was born.

You’ve Been Burned Before

I know the website selling game, I’ve played it. Creating elaborate “pitches” and “investment summaries” to sell some set of features that aren’t understood until a website is actually up and running. It breeds confusion and frustration. I don’t play that game anymore, and you don’t have to here.

Website Setup Without Pain

Here’s an idea, you point out what you like, then you get a website setup with the least (or the most if you’re nosy) you need to know about the process. Then get plain english training on what to do after you have a website.

The result is a highly economical, professional looking site built and tweaked to make sure it has your mark on it, ready for you to easily take to the next level when the time is right. Examples below.

A site undeniably yours, easy on the pocket, and created from genius that has already been tested. In plain english, from a framework of an existing “theme” but with your logo, header, and unique elements for a price you can afford. Note here that custom “artist” design work is not included, so specialized fonts, and graphic editing can be performed after you have the solid foundation provided here in place, but is not part of this work.

Flexibility Built In

Everyone’s situation isn’t the same, I realize this. You may have a half built site, or some quirky e-mail issues, or need 3/4’s of your site over-hauled and your old blog transferred. Maybe you have a designer, but they don’t do X or have no idea about any of this. These things are common, flexibility is built into The Website Builder service so that everything get’s handled. If you have a big mess to clean up, we’ll figure that out. I’m not a nickel and dimer, but you will have to fill out a few forms.

What People Have Said

Renee Starrett - Jerusalem House
Renee Starrett – Jerusalem House
Robert Granholm

"Rob is a team player, I always feel like he's right there whenever we need him and I like that he is solution-based. He seems to quickly get to the heart of a question and his answers are smart and lightning-fast." Read More

Renee Starrett – Jerusalem House
Michael Ho
Michael Ho
Robert Granholm

"Thank you so much Rob! I REALLY appreciate it. I already talked to a my buddy who does branding about a logo. Should put something together soon. I can't tell you how great it was to work with you, the site was up and you were responsive, totally not the norm when I try to do things online" Michael Ho Read More

Michael Ho
David Granholm - Chancellor Reverse Division
David Granholm – Chancellor Reverse Division
Robert Granholm

"Our site is simple and clean and that’s exactly what we wanted. We can make our own updates, and do our own Adwords and marketing campaigns now. Rob was easy to work with, and it actually was easy to get our site up and running." Read More

David Granholm – Chancellor Reverse Division
Starla King -
Starla King –
Robert Granholm

"holy smokes, IT’S THERE!!! ...THANK YOU (again. as always. and again.)" starla Read More

Starla King –
Teresa Capaldo -
Teresa Capaldo –
Robert Granholm

"Robert is hands-down all about quality, responsiveness and service! He's a gentlemen which is to say he conducts himself like the pro he is and never lets his ego take precedence over his work. He's quick, thorough and a consummate professional." Read More

Teresa Capaldo –
David Carvalho - Brazilian Technical Training
David Carvalho – Brazilian Technical Training
Robert Granholm

"I couldn’t believe the process was so easy. I have no computer abilities and now I own my own Soccer training business."   Read More

David Carvalho – Brazilian Technical Training

I’m not going to go on with a sales message. I think you’re smarter than that.

What you get is below.  Examples, Process, Guarantee.



website setup example 1

The “Boast” Theme turned into


website setup example 2

The “Awake” Theme turned into


website setup example 3

The “Caffeinated” theme turned into

3 1/2 Step Process

1. Choose a domain, your base design (thousands to choose from, see below) and submit your website “brief” in the form below.

2. Receive an e-mail within 36 hours to go over the details, answer some questions, review and confirm agreement.

3. Wait for your site (1-2 weeks) to be built, review, submit changes, rinse and repeat until you’re happy! Guaranteed.

3 1/2. Login to your website like you would Facebook, and take your ideas to the next level.


100% Money Back Beating Heart Guarantee

the guarantee

Where are all the Features You’re Supposed to Sell Me?

There’s a laundry list of great things I could tell you about that come with this service, like email setup, or the amazing WordPress platform with thousands of plugins, or the instructional screencasts individually made for you but they can wait until later, when they actually mean something to you.

For now, I’m betting you want a clean looking, not too expensive, Google search friendly flexible and scalable website to take in the direction you want. A base to grow from. This is it. If you really want more details, get in touch.


Ready to Start?

limited sale on website setup

Sites are $599 [including theme and website hosting for 1 year]
The form below starts the ball rolling without any obligation.

PS. You’ll receive access to the “The Definitive Technology Guide for Online Business” site just for filling out the form, guaranteed to make you smarter when it comes to online business.


Step 1 [the form]

These question fields take thought, and possibly navigating away from this page in a new window to do some research. Submit the form below and we’ll follow up with the need to know details and next steps.

  • [again, it's okay if haven't bought this yet]
  • Please provide credentials for accessing your existing host, registrar, and or Wordpress website. No changes will be made without an approved proposal.

  • Design Base (a theme that we'll customize to your needs)
    We don't re-invent the wheel as they say, but we do make it look like YOUR wheel. If you'd like a complete custom "from the ground up" website, e-mail for more information.

    Find a theme at Woo Themes, Theme Forest, or the wilds of Google. Ignore the costs you see, we'll handle that.

    You can choose any "Wordpress Theme" you'd like, simply plug in the website address below and we'll get it. Take time to find something you like, you can change this before we confirm your details in a future e-mail.

  • Please use the space above to describe your website's purpose, mission, and any other introductory details you'd like to communicate. We'll follow up with more specific questions if we're a good fit.