Built With

Resources and awesome people who helped me build IT Arsenal in a significant way.

Jon Corral – Experienced Copywriter

Greg Rollett – Mentor

Colin Wright – Mentor

Corbett Barr – Mentor

Andrew Norcross – Programmer

BlogcastFM – Education

Clay Collins – Education

Tim Ferris – Inspiration


GoDaddy – Domain Names (don’t use their hosting)

Hostgator – Hosting

WPEngine – Lightnight Fast Hosting With Amazing Support

Gravity Forms – Flexible Extensible Multi-Purpose Form Plaform Plugin for WordPress

Dropbox – File Syncing & Sharing

Welcome Gate – Powerful List Building Plugin for WordPress

Box Shot King – Service & Product Graphic Creation Tool

Mailchimp – Newsletter / Mass E-mail Service

PayPal – Payment Gateway

BillingBoss – Invoicing Tool (complete free, simplistic)

Freshbooks – Invoicing Tool (powerful, flexible)

eJunkie – Flexible Payment Gateway Service

WooThemes – WordPress Themes

AppSumo – Web Service Deals

WordPress – Website Platform

ScheduleOnce – Scheduling Service (Google integrated)

BackupBuddy – WordPress Backup, Maintenance, & Migration Plugin (the best in my opinion)

Boomerang – Google Mail Feature Extension (grants ability to send messages later, and automatically bring them back to the inbox at a certain time after being filed)

Pagelines – WordPress Framework

SlideDeck – Display Plugin for WordPress

Pricing Tables uPricing – Pricing Table Display Plugin for WordPress

Theme Forest – Theme Marketplace for WordPress

iThemes Display Buddy Plugins – Various Display Plugins for WordPress

NirvanaHQ – Task Management Web Service

BusyCal – Calendar Application (links to several online services)

WP Affiliate Platform – Affiliate System for WP



I’m sure there will be items missed here, and updates overtime.