After striking up a conversation, the very logical next question we’re asked is, okay, how does this actually work? What are your prices? How do you charge? What’s it like working with you?

The answers are straightfoward.

How do you charge?

We resist charging hourly as much as possible, it usually doesn’t work out well since technical work has so much “creep” … meaning unforeseen tasks, issues, fixes, and work.

We have 1 package for a website build/rebuild process and various other packages that cover most other maintenance and enhancements needs. They are either a one time cost or ongoing monthly charges. They are all found in the menu.

If you believe you have a unique or advanced scenario, we want to hear about it and let you suggest pricing! Build your own request here, and we’ll come back with any adjustments, a timeline, and continue from there.

IT Arsenal also produces digital products including books, video courses and webinars which come and go as promoted and are useful.

Next, what can I expect working with IT Arsenal?

Complete work, in other words… responsive, reliable, consistent, knowledgeable, educational, and friendly.

We believe in doing great work, and providing value in every interaction. The phrases “surprise and delight”, and “do what you say you’re going to do” are part of the culture and ongoing weekly internal conversations.

That’s it, if you have more questions feel free to send a message. Also related, see how we can do our best work together by following a few simple principles as outlined here!

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