Working Well Together

Read this to make our work go exceptionally well!

Don’t you find when communication is smooth and expectations are clear that projects get completed and work get’s done with ease and more smiles? It’s the same with services as it is with products, when something is stated, it better be delivered.

That’s the goal in our work together and what IT Arsenal will strive to do regardless of circumstance.

However, every business and every person in a business is different so it’s not always easy to accomplish if you don’t agree on what’s what. Meaning, have the same expectations for interaction and delivery.

Let’s get that out of the way here and now in a quick one page read!

First, if you haven’t already, fill out the get related form here so we can get to know you!

Next, read this to set the stage.

Here’s how IT Arsenal communicates and works:

Organization is key! IT Arsenal likes to ensure work is tackled in an organized, logical manner but also stays flexible to integrate other people’s ideas. We use process flows for much of our work, organized with online tools like Airtable and Infinity.

Study all angles! IT Arsenal favors analyzing the situation and avoids vague speculation.

We’ll discuss every aspect of a project, and may be meticulous with detail, however this won’t hinder using our imagination for quick fixes or novel solutions when needed. We love using internet tools that fit best and providing screen recording walkthroughs.

IT Arsenal prefers to communicate in writing or screen recordings, so to remove the possibility of being misunderstood but we’re happy to video chat or call anytime!

Here’s how best to communicate with IT Arsenal:

Avoid being vague, and engage in the creative process in a structured manner. Participate in the organization of ideas and work at the start even if it’s not your strength.

Take on understanding the concepts, people who are fully aware of the current situation can speak to what outcome they want. You don’t have to be an expert, but do participate in the learning.

Communicate reliably, or reliably communicate when you won’t be in touch. IT Arsenal promises to do the same and always follow up.

Here’s how we’ll work well together!

IT Arsenal will spearhead getting your project organized, and data available and structured. We’ll take what’s available and do clean up and recap with what’s provided. See some of the tools we use here.

IT Arsenal will make sure everyone understands. We go through processes step by step in a logical fashion.

The facts and evidence will be outlined to streamline discussions, communicating won’t be a chore and we’ll remind you when to follow up. This blends with a strong creative streak to provide more options to consider when solutions aren’t evident or there are many paths to take.

Here’s what to call IT Arsenal out on! [weaknesses]

Our process driven approach for order can be too restricted by rules and procedures sometimes. Be blunt and tell us when you don’t care about something and to move on.

We can be pushy. The risk of pushing people to work at a pace they are not comfortable with is possible. We don’t want to do this, if we’re asking too much or going too fast, tell us to slow it down!

We handle open‐ended commitments and statements poorly. [“make it awesome!” or “just design it!” type statements] 

Great clients are partners, they make their intentions known, admit what they do and don’t know and communicate clearly and reliably.

And to that end, IT Arsenal strives to understand you, listen to you, be flexible and adaptable, stay true to providing value and being clear with what we can and cannot do, and above all, DELIVER VALUE!

Finally, let’s do this! Thanks for reading.