The problem: No theme updates in over 9 years! multiple bugs, visual anomalies, and overall problems were creeping up on the aging continuing legal education membership site – not an all too uncommon reason for a site refresh.

The task: Update the theme, which surprisingly had been maintained by the original author, which in itself was impressive, fix all the likely broken elements and after recommendation, migrate the site to a more reliable website host: WP Engine.

Tools & Setbacks

The tasks required involved a myriad of tools including: WordPress, the theme Arcadian, WP Engine, WP All Import, lots of text plugins, and new SSL setup from Let’s Encrypt.

The project was not without it’s up and downs but over a two day period, the site was updated, the visual breaks, like the sliders were fixed and the membership site was loading faster than ever.

Website Migrations More and More Common

Website migrations have become more and more common as service providers outgrow first versions of their websites due to increased traffic, or new configurations like a membership site warrant higher quality hosts. Often times they are just frustrated with their host as well.


Jane, the owner of the FunCLEs website was gracious and great to work with, thanks Jane!

IT Arsenal loves migration and theme upgrade work, glad this went well!



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