When decided to write an article with tips on getting your online business noticed, they took a note from IT Arsenal founder, Robert Granholm, for what he thought.

Below is a screenshot of the mention and advice on creating a trailer for your next product. Click to enlarge it if interested. bonusu veren siteler mention

In looking back, you really don’t need a bigger budget to do a trailer for a product, book, or otherwise and it’s a still smart technique for promoting an offering. People are already familiar with and conditioned to what a trailer is, and how to respond to it, so applying the idea to something that is not a movie can be very effective for leaving a lasting impression.

Website, book, digital course, community, app, they all can be promoted with a “movie trailer”, which can give you the opportunity to be remembered while adding excitement to sometimes more dry types of media. You’ve already seen something life this if you’ve downloaded an App from the iTunes App Store recently, where it’s now common to see a video tour with a series of pictures.

I know, “making a trailer” seems like a daunting task, but a few simple screens with some voice over using screen recording software like Screenflow, or a website like screenr and an audio jingle from audiojungle and you’re pretty much there.

In the video below I used popular presentation web service Prezi, and screen recording software, along with a jingle from audiojungle for promoting this service called the Gmail Unifier.

[view in full-screen for best experience]

What do you think? Too difficult? or good idea?