The Gmail Unifier

The ultimate guide [and service] to combining multiple e-mail accounts into one Gmail


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There is an e-mail heaven. Let me show it to you.

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It’s safe to say email isn’t going anywhere, and you couldn’t function without it. Over the years I’ve rigorously experimented, tested, and configured how my e-mail accounts work and what I use to send and receive e-mail for the absolute best experience. A custom combination of add-ons, settings, tweaks, third-party services, and practice.

That experience is now available in the form of a setup service, or downloadable technical guide.

There is an “ideal” setup, one that provides one interface to rule all e-mail accounts, [both personal and business] encourages inbox zero, syncs to everything, functions wonderfully on mobile devices, integrates with popular and powerful services, works intelligently, and sincerely makes e-mail management better all around.

This is for you if you want switch from your current e-mail provider to Gmail, or consolidate multiple e-mail accounts into one, and gain numerous benefits in the process.

The Gmail website specifically allows for some truly amazing things, like…

  • Easy automatic e-mail management with filtersrefund glossy
  • Fast mobile access
  • Template e-mails
  • Undo Send
  • Free phone calls
  • Social media info on your recipients [Rapportive third-party service]
  • Return e-mails to your inbox if no one responds [Boomerang third-party service]

OK, enough text, you can ask questions here if you have them, there is an “absolute unquestioning, happy to refund you if you’re not happy” policy on both the service and guide.