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Businesses make money by helping people. There are lots of different ways of saying that, but we’ll go with that concept today.

One way you can make it easier to help people, is to know them, like really know them, which also makes it easier to sell to them.


I’m a sucker for craft beer, mention your favorite Belgian Tripel, and I’ll start paying attention to you, even if you’re trying to offer me coaching, or lawn care, it doesn’t really matter, cause we can talk beer!

See what I mean?

So what if you could make it easier to know your audience and speak their language?

Well, you can if you just think about it.

The Target Audience Report Builder helps you create a clear picture of your audience by asking you targeted questions and delivering a tangible report with advice on how to appeal to them.

It’s an old trick with a new semi automated technology face that IT Arsenal built for you and your business.

So…instead of knowing you should have a clear cut picture of who you’re selling to, and hoping your offerings are appealing, how about having one, and knowing they do?

The report is something to save, something to print, something to refer to when building solutions, setting up campaigns, writing tweets, updates and sales pages? Sound useful?

If so, and I want to know if it doesn’t, check out the Target Audience Builder below and let me know what you think.

–> The Target Audience Report Builder

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