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A Tool for Reaching Your Target Audience

“What does defining an audience unlock? It unlocks the arsenal, it unlocks the weapons cabinet…the tools that you need to effectively communicate…to know what to make” – Chase Reeves —

You know you should have a “Jane” …that imaginary [or real] person that embodies your ideal buyer.

You’ve read numerous articles in your time about the questions to ask, which are usually listed out in new articles every year.

You should know their age, their wants, if they are married, etc. etc. etc.

Yet you don’t have a report on Jane in your files, instead you have this vague idea in your head and a bunch of time invested reading articles instead of showing up where your audience is.

On this page, you’ll create a clear picture of your target audience [in a detailed report] and advice on how to reach them, instead of just reading about it and knowing you should.

I know you likely have some idea in your head of who might be interested or maybe you’re still someone who’s targeting “everyone” and need to get more specific, now’s the time to do that and benefit from knowing exactly how to appeal to your audience.

The Facts

In order to sell something, you need to deeply understand who you’re selling to. It’s a fact of business. You could approach me for instance, with a new Windows laptop with the highest end hardware from Sony, with 10 years of premium direct support, and $10,000 worth of software. I wouldn’t buy it for 1$, I wouldn’t want it if you gave it me, for anything other than to sell it. I’m a former Apple employee and loyal fan of the company since before there were MP3s. Know your audience.

If you can describe your target audience in great detail, you can sell to them with ease.

If you know know their language quirks, their feelings, pains, and their urges, which go directly into the features, benefits, sales page wording, graphics, and marketing of what you’re offering it’ll make the decision to buy from you a no brainer.

Knowing and caring for who you are helping is the heart of sales.

The Target Audience Builder

Answer the questions below, and you’ll receive a compiled report and useful advice. Bonus points if you use an actual real person for answering these questions.

IT Arsenal is all about helping online businesses with their technology, and building your business up is part of that.

Before you fill this out, consider doing these:
  • Look at your products, offerings, and anything that you’re giving away, think about what benefits they provide
  • Think about your competition, and any recent marketing efforts, or popular posts they have created
  • Reflect on your current customers, who they, what they buy, are there commonalities?

— NOTE: We’re still developing this tool, have ideas for good questions? provide feedback here — 

  • Make one up, or use a real example!
  • Considering the generation your user comes from will help you step into their world.
  • High School? College? Masters?
  • What do people call them? What hats do they wear? What are their official job titles? Where do they hang out online? Offline? What keeps them up at night? What do they read/watch on TV?
  • What’s important to them? What makes them angry in a normal day? What do they spend money on? What do they spend their time on?
  • Where do they typically learn things about your type of business? What do they think about your topic: good/bad?
  • Phrases, code words, acronyms, industry words ie. “bro” "Hipaa compliance” “OP"


Finding information

You may be asking, “How do I find all this information?” Try searching online for research others have done on your target. Search for magazine articles and blogs that talk about your target market or that talk to your target market. You are not reinventing the wheel. Search for blogs and forums where your target market communicates. Look for survey results, or do a survey of your own. Ask your current customers for feedback. Yes, I know, this takes work.

Be an online stalker

Society may look down upon stalking in general, but when it comes to knowing your audience it’s essential. People show themselves publicly online, in activities they participate in, content they interact with, and things the buy. Now that you have a solid view of your target audience, you can stalk them well, and sell to them better.

Create and assign personas using this tool

If you had a tough time coming up with a specific target audience, consider approaching it from a template mindset. If your offerings can apply to many different people types, develop a hyper specific template for one of those types, so you can target just them, and develop salespages, features, and landing pages only for them, increasing sales conversion. Just because you have a non-specific products, doesn’t mean you can’t target specific people.

Take action

Once  you know down to the details who you’re out to make a difference for, make changes to your existing content, create new sales pages, sign up for a few forums where your audience hangs out, be active!

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