Websites can be a wily animal, constantly changing, constantly bewildering their owners, but they can be tamed with enough hard work.

Teresa Capaldo [Life coach] was particularly tenacious about not letting the development of her coaching website get the best of her.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Teresa over the last few months and I’m happy to say we’ve made it to green pastures.

Together we tamed her site, found our groove and created a platform for Teresa to grow her business from.

Our beginning was tough, one storied with ups and downs, stop and go e-mails, but we pushed through and ended up with a website, and systems in place that can support Teresa’s life coaching business goals. Bahis sitesi şikayet

Often times working with people online through a creative process can be tough, so while we may have had a few rough patches early on, the effort IT Arsenal and Teresa put in, paid off and resulted in a great site, but more importantly, a reliable trusting business relationship.

Teresa has a lot of personality and this shines through on her site, and in working with her. IT Arsenal is a bit more colorful in light of our work together!


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