Question: Hi Robert,

Hope you are doing well.

Quick question, I want to delete many of the themes I’ve uploaded.

How do I do this, easily?

For now, I want to know how to delete all the ones I don’t want.

There’s too many at this point, my bad.




You can delete themes from Appearance > Themes .. hover over the theme, click Theme Details, and then in the lower right should be an option for delete.

That’s the “easy” route … but you have to do them one at a time, if you’re familiar with FTP [here’s an FTP guide], and logging into your host to take a peak at your files, you can jump in that way, navigate to the directory with the themes, and as long as you know the names of ones you want to keep, can select all the others and delete them from there.

We all can get carried away with themes and testing at some point. Good luck with Headway theme…not that I don’t like it…it’s cool technology and powerful, I just don’t prefer any platforms that make the user decide too many things in terms of design, when in general people aren’t designers.


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