iphonelightingAs video becomes more and more ubiquitous [everywhere] for spreading content, knowing how to make a good one is increasingly important. Many say it’s absolutely essential and when it comes to having an iPhone, it’s very important to know how to use its video features properly, thankfully Apple Vox gives you great tips to learn how to operate your device properly.

iPhones, or mobile devices with good cameras are more and more common, and it stands that if you have one, you can make a video look great but the question is how? slot siteleri

The tricky thing when it comes to video is that it’s not as easily learned by observation. You can’t necessarily watch a great video and pick out how they did the lighting or the effects, or how long they prepared.

Text and images are different. You can copy down images, mimic styles, and take a stab at editing graphics. The barrier to entry is much lower.

It’s because of this I found a few videos on how to make great videos with your iPhone [or webcam] incredibly useful. The videos are from AppSumo, promoting a dead Wistia deal but I’ve distilled the shopping list and information into 4 pages for better use.

The tips and general instruction at vidlery.com is invaluable if you’re going to be doing any recording and editing.

I’ve watched the videos several times, made notes and adapted the shopping list so it can all be purchased from Amazon. [convenience is king!]

Since video is hard to skim through, [meaning it’s difficult to just scan around and get the point] I’ve created the below PDF so you can create your own iPhone video studio on the cheap and have a reference when you’re setting up. deneme bonusu

The majority of the tips relate to lighting and positioning, which make all the difference.

I hope you find it valuable when recording videos for your business! Use for introductions, sales pages, demos and much more.

*Includes diagrams, pictures, and shopping list.


 After you’ve downloaded, share this with a friend or business partner who might be interested in getting into video.