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First, real quick, I’m increasing my Lifeline program, [an “all you can eat, all problems handled anytime” program] from $249, to $349 January 1 2013, if you want to lock in the lower rate, and ensure your site and business tech is handled while your traveling between family dinners and partying on new years eve, get the Lifeline now at the lower rate.

Okay, Hi,

There’s one key piece of technology I use to NEVER forget about an e-mail, while RAPIDLY emptying my inbox at the same time and I want to share it.

What if you never had to worry about following up with someone again, but could file away their e-mail and be magically reminded about it later?

You could…

  • Clear out your inbox of stuff that can wait a day, or week, or month
  • Bring time sensitive e-mail back to your inbox if no one responds by the next morning
  • Nudge clients or support that seem to be unresponsive
  • Kill that “follow up” folder you have in your e-mail program nagging you
  • Avoid that sense of e-mail overwhelm

…all WITHOUT adding any time in your daily workflow?

Sound useful?

Here’s the answer

The “Boomerang” Service for Gmail & Outlook

This works with Google based webmail or Outlook. I do realize not everyone uses those, hit reply and let me know if you’re interested in learning how to switch your current setup to Google Mail.

Boomerang puts a small checkbox in your compose window [see below] that let’s you set the message you are replying to, writing, or just viewing, to come back to the top of your inbox in however many days if no one responds or just whenever you want.

That’s it, hit send like normal, [or file the message away] after you check this box, and your e-mail is automatically managed.


It’s a small thing but SO powerful, especially for looking like a rock star business owner.

You’ll nudge projects, see less e-mail in your inbox, and sense less overwhelm.

It’s a tool I use every day, and I hope you find it useful!

Get it for Gmail —–>

Get it for Outlook –>

Want more e-mail management info? Hit reply and let me know, I had to stop myself from telling you about 3 other tactics!

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