In celebration of re-launching IT Arsenal earlier this week, I want to give you something.

If you or your users are online entrepreneurs, I think you’re going to find it really valuable.

I want to give you the responses I’ve collected in the last 3 months on what online entrepreneurs struggle with when it comes to technology, what they rate as most needed in building their online empire and how they want it.

IT Arsenal is all about tech help on a specific subject every two months, (currently website setup) but that’s just one element of making a business work. There are a lot more.

The strategists, consultants, solo developers and the online entrepreneurs themselves can benefit from knowing where their peers or future pain points are.

The report below covers over 100 participants and probes how people just starting or currently owning an online business rated 6 essential tech areas and if they preferred training, or service in those areas. It features real feedback on what real business owners want.

Is This Report About You?

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