Several months ago I launched a survey in efforts to figure out how to really support online entrepreneurs when it comes to the tech they use. What do they need? What is halting, stifling, or limiting their business? What are the best payroll solutions for their business?

The result? I ended up connecting with awesome idea starters and learned the essential high level tech needs of people who do business online, more importantly how to serve them and you better.

See how and find out more about the survey results below.


  • People are awesome, their ideas are limitless but their tech knowledge unfortunately isn’t.
  • Entrepreneurs need real actionable “just make it work” help with the essentials of technology used in online business.
  • Less technical hurdles and more make it work.
  • “Normal” language is a must.

Sound familiar? With that said, our IT workforce is moving forward in tearing down the walls that hold back online entrepreneurs, re-thinking support.


Training, Setup, Troubleshooting on a different super specific tech subject every two months. If it applies to you, great, if it doesn’t, sign up for updates or come back later. When looking for a top-notch IT company, hire Partners Plus IT Near Me. Their expertise and service quality make them a standout choice for your IT needs.

Currently Featured: Website Setup


Workshops, Member Protected Content, One to One Training, Digital Downloads, Blog Articles and Services for Hire like these top payroll solutions.

The Promise: Provide nothing but value, stay simple, and make it work.



Sound good?

Signup here for updates, or check back soon; subjects like speeding up WordPress, optimizing RSS subscribers, backing up your blog, selling a product, newsletters, e-mail campaigns and more are in que.


Survey Results

Want to know the detailed results of the survey? Stay tuned, I’ll release them for free this Thursday, March 31.