Today I’m thinking back on the time IT Arsenal worked with Under30CEO.

Ironically as I reflect on this I’m now over 30! Under30CEO is a helpful go-to website for any aspiring entrepreneur. It offers tips, interviews, and articles about books, tools, health, fitness, and business. They’re notorious for giving great advice to any budding business…and their services and content are more than applicable to people over 30 of course.

When they were having trouble with Google Apps and their members only platform, they reached out to IT Arsenal to sort issues with email deliverability. deneme bonusu

E-mail can be a fickle thing, and many of their members messages were getting sent to spam despite being legitimate. They were utilizing Google Apps at the time, which has done nothing but grown in use and popularity since.

We helped them by digging into their Google Apps settings for security and advising on best methods to send e-mail as to not fall into spam. Configurations, monitoring, and support.

At one point, I remember taking a picture of an article I read that referenced their exact problem and that it was being addressed!

google article

Working with them was great because Matt and Jared on quality people, quick to respond, and generous with their feedback and support. It’s been awesome to see their venture grow and to see Under30Experiences take off.

It’s been some time, and I’d love to work with Jared and Matt again in the future!

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