Physician Family Financial Advisors and Ben Utley provide financial services for doctors and physicians. The level of service, authenticity and specific advice Ben gives is of the highest quality.

IT Arsenal has worked with Physician Family for several years, across several projects, including website migrations, domain routing, website build work, form configuration, Mailchimp integration, Google Analytic reporting, website conversion for offline accessibility, WordPress work, Squarespace work and much more.

Most recently, and appreciatively, Ben asked for support with Google Analytics, and challenged us to learn it well and support him in producing reports with it. Rob and his team dug in and produced useful data and learned more about the tools capabilities, including producing PDF reports, and third party tools [Supermetrics] that hook into Google Analytics for easily manipulated data.

Google Analytics takes a lot of learning, strategy and some technical work to configure but the data can be well worth the effort. Below is a sample blurred out report dashboard.

Prior to a move to Squarespace, ran on WordPress where IT Arsenal managed updates, customizations and backups.

What I like about working with Ben and his team are his clear communication, expectations, and acknowledgement of work done well.

Ben has said this of IT Arsenal “I honestly believe that, when it comes to technology, there’s nothing I couldn’t do now with you on my side. And I also know there’s lots of stuff I no longer have to do.”

Thanks Ben! Too kind!

It’s a pleasure to work with Physician Family Financial Advisors!

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