At times, we all could use some help and advice.

When Andrew of Mixergy ran into some WordPress issues and was interested in website backup and maintenance in 2011, he worked with IT Arsenal to create a reliable backup system and clean up his site.

This spotlight is testament to two great people, Noah Kagan and Andrew Warner, who both were gracious enough to respond to emails, help IT Arsenal with business advice, and then in turn work with us after connecting on a call Noah led.

You may know Noah from the insanely popular appsumo.com or okdork.com or mint.com or facebook.com, he’s who I have to thank for connecting me to Andrew and working with him.

Andrew [also insanely popular] was interested in website backup as the importance of his online interviews, both audio and video were increasing. He was just about to start launching paid workshops.

His host, MediaTemple at the time, was choking on freebie and even paid backup plugins for WordPress that so rarely work at the click of a button. They take tweaks to the host, configuring them just right, and then a bit of monitoring from time to time to make sure they work…just the stuff people who run online businesses don’t have time for and don’t want to be messing with.

When technology stops working for you and starts working against you is typically where IT Arsenal steps in.

It took some time, and some file exploration on the Mixergy website host and some emails [that looking back on them now, were far too long and filled with way too much detail for Andrew and Noah] but eventually a reliable solution was put in place for Andrew and monitored over the course of a few weeks. He got the backup and some technology advice along the way.




Andrew reached out later as well when some trouble hit the site with redirections, and we fixed those as well, a random issue with the wp_config file related to WordPress.

Working with them was memorable because of their generosity, kindness, and advice along the way.

It was the beginnings of what became a specific “one” thing service for WordPress backup, that wasn’t just another backup plugin or hands off automated service, but what is now on the site as WordPress Maintenance and Backup … “with help from a real person for those scared of the “Update” button“.

An offering that helps many businesses today and is a specific product IT Arsenal can provide, that can later be the reason they come back for other things, which fits in with business advice received from Noah along the process of connecting and working with Andrew. We still struggle positioning as “one thing” when it comes to tech support now in 2016, but with several “one thing” services and landing pages for specific groups of people, we’re closer, and resonate more than ever with our audience for providing tech support for their online business.

It was fun to go down memory lane and remember some early work, I’m grateful to be able to highlight Mixergy. Thanks Andrew and Noah.

If you have similar problems, IT Arsenal is always happy to help!