life after college

Life After College is a great site to motivate anyone to reach their ultimate potential.

It’s founder, Jenny Blake, offers a book, blog, shop, and one-on-one help to become an ambitious self-starter.

Before the book a long while back Jenny and I connected and IT Arsenal was able to help her work on her blog. She was struggling with RSS issues, the news feed not showing up properly or showing up at all when her articles were published.

RSS is a method in which other websites pick up on new articles that are posted, so it was an important issue for Jenny and something I had experience helping others with, including issues on my own site. Bağlama Duası

The Life After College website was using Feedburner, a Google service that is surprisingly still kicking today for publishing people’s RSS feeds and making them easy to subscribe to. Güncel teknoloji haberleri

It took some communication, and some testing and inspection to her site but we eventually repaired her RSS feeds on her WordPress site and I’ve connected with Jenny a handful of times since then.

While not a huge project, quirks and issues like this are enough to distract and derail website efforts.

Jenny was absolutely great to work with, and it’s been a joy to see pieces of her business explode, like her book PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One, and speaking engagements. See a quick intro to her book below.

I recommend it for taking your life to the next level and keeping “what’s next” top of mind.

Problems like these are just a few ways IT Arsenal can help your online business and website.

Thanks Jenny for the opportunity!