hawaii eye care

Eye Care Hawaii provides eye care for the Hilo Hawaii area and is owned by Grant Miyashiro. IT Arsenal had the pleasure to work with this company for evaluating if the time was right to move their analog phone system to a digital VOIP system.

The process took roughly a month, and involved canvasing their hardware, identifying their devices, people, phone usage needs, and exact features.

RingCentral, Grasshopper, Switch.co. were considerations. deneme bonusu

Moving from a physical non digital environment, to answering a phone with a computer or smart phone app doesn’t come naturally. We started off with a trial of Switch.co which was a great service, with fast support, but not all the features required, particularly showing the company name, regardless who what number was calling out.

RingCentral proved to be the best fit, and provided a month long trial, unfortunately though, the end result was discovering that how Eye Care Hawaii uses their phone system isn’t condusive to a VOIP based system right now, which requires each phone to basically have a user account tied to it.

Analoe phones can be strung together, one number can ring five phones or those five phones can be setup to work with 3 different numbers, but doing this on digital means those five end points need an account of some sort, and need to be setup to ring each other, and/or log in and out of their authenticated accounts.

Additional digital VOIP accounts means additional monthly fees for most VOIP systems. How they were “round robin” answering their phones proved to not be plausible in the VOIP world. I was reminded of how when the industry moved from VHS to DVD, everyone actually lost the ability to record what was on TV with any sort of ease and repeatability. The technology got better, but some features were destroyed in the making.

In the end, it was great working with Eye Care Hawaii, Jade and Grant were easy going and provide great service. Unfortunately VOIP just wasn’t a good fit at this time, but now they know it.