The Middle Finger Project Migration

There comes a time when websites outgrow the tools or services they start with. Web hosting is one of the common services that change over time as needs change for an online business.

The factors could be many, and in this case, performance and traffic led The Middle Finger Project to need a faster, more responsive WordPress catered hosting environment. They decided to make the move from Bluehost to WP Engine, and hired IT Arsenal to make the delicate move.

Working with Ashley was memorable, but also incredibly fun, and productive. There comes a general concern with moving all your business website content from one location to another, but her and her team did well and we stayed in constant communication throughout the process.

The unique parts, as there are with all migrations due to the differences in all websites, were a large database, numerous plugins and several GB of files TMF uses in it’s online programs. Which by the way, if you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out, I recommend you do.

Ashley is sharp, has a unique style, and knows how to inspire. Her content leaves an impact, and the business she leads does amazing things for marketing and copywriting endeavors everywhere. Particularly for small business.

In the hosting migration for TMF, a lot of complex content was juggled, while keeping in mind zero downtime for the highly trafficked website.

The process for hosting migration generally goes like this…

  1. Announcement for no activity on the site at it’s old location
  2. Exporting and bundling of the WordPress database files, and the FTP files at the old location
  3. Import of the database and file at the new location
  4. Testing for errors on the new host, any database issues, plugin incompatibilities, etc, on a development, or non-domain location
  5. Rerouting of either the A record, or DNS of the domain to repoint all traffic from the old host to the new host
  6. Review and troubleshoot any on the spot issues
  7. Resume activity on new location

Overall, the migration went well. WP Engine did block a few non essential plugins TMF was using in the process, and social shares from a specific plugin had to be reset due to the plugins limits. Note: Not all plugins would do this, consult the plugin developers before hand if you’re considering a move!

WP Engine has it’s own staging site for development and daily backup of both the database and files for all it’s websites, which is just one reason they are a reputable, high performing Wordpress website hosting company that we recommend whole heartedly! Get hosting from them here.

I look forward to the next time IT Arsenal works with Ashley and team, go read her blog!

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