Meticulous migrations with complex updates and transfers, that was the task in working with Alan on and

Alan helps drone pilots, and those training to be drone pilots, be the best. The sites look great, the moving backgrounds particularly play well.

He recently had a site rebuilt and wanted to upgrade hosting, and in both scenarios needed his WordPress websites migrated, and or data combined. He came to IT Arsenal to get these projects done.

Tools & Setbacks

The tasks required involved a myriad of tools including: WordPress, Pressable, WP Engine, WP All Import, lots of text editors, careful testing, some spreadsheets, and a little SQL love.

The project was not without it’s up and downs.

One night we had to delay, we found that the URLs from a previous setup were not mapping over properly, and if we moved forward, all the SEO efforts for those pages would be lost! In the end we sorted out the issue and got everything mapped correctly, thank goodness for double checks.

Website Migrations More and More Common

Website migrations have become more and more common as service providers outgrow first versions of their websites due to increased traffic, or new configurations like a membership site warrant higher quality hosts. Often times they are just frustrated with their host as well.


When asked about what might potential issues or worries, Alan had this to say “…Wasn’t worried at all, particularly with Rob at the helm. I don’t have any improvements / constructive feedback to give, you exceeded my expectations.” Shucks alan, thanks!

It was a joy to work with Alan, he was thankful, didn’t add any unnecessary pressure to the situation, he was understanding, and detail oriented.

IT Arsenal loves migration work, glad this went well!



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