Case Studies are when I take some time to highlight recent work, the challenges and technologies involved, and what I learned in the process.

Sticky eBooks is a client website from Kelly Kingman. Kelly is excellent at extracting ideas and helping people build profitable e-books from what they already know.

How We Met

Kelly was a referred to me from the wonderful Cath Duncan, she first contacted IT Arsenal from the contact contact form.

The Client

Kelly has several sites, but her most prominent so far is Sticky eBooks which is a WordPress based site with clean minimalist lines and a solid following.

Kelly is a member of our backup and maintenance program that includes a monthly e-mail with suggestions on where her site could improve, or possible web tools to enhance engagement or appeal.

Kelly has been great to work with and one thing that has really “worked” is going back and forth with her on tools or suggestions for site improvement. Simple things that the outside eye often catches when you’re the the one one the “inside” working on your site you might miss.

Font sizes, “calls to actions,” or naming structures are often things we can completely overlook when we’re inspecting our own work. I know I do.

The Work

I didn’t create Kelly’s sites initially but I’ve been in the backends and now maintain their updates, cleanliness, and backups. I’ve been mostly using a tool called ManageWP for easy access to her blogs and the many others I manage and suggesting tools like Hello Bar for increased call to action on her site.

I’ve most recently worked on updating a plugin called Premise that she uses. Plugins when updated sometimes break a website’s look or functionality, so it’s smart to backup before and be prepared if it doesn’t go smoothly.

Other work includes regular backups, tweaks, installs, and consulting.

What I’ve Learned

I’ve learned personal real suggestions are appreciated. Taking a real look, even for 5 minutes at someone’s website and offering recommendations based on what skills and techniques I’ve come to know as effective and that relate specifically to a clients website is highly valued. It’s a personal touch that lets the client know you actually care, and it’s led Kelly to share some really nice things about the work we do together.