Welcome to the first episode of IT Arsenal’s “You Ask, We Answer”, where we hear what technology problems business owners like yourself are struggling with online and perform fixes and advice live!

[bear with us while we explore different recording variations]

Special guest: Travis Sherry, Extra Pack of Peanuts

Topics Include:

  • E-Junkie service thoughts  30:31 – 32:57
  • Moving web hosts, how hard is it? [common sluggishness problems and good hosts]  1:27-11:04 and 34:02 – 37
  • AWeber forms, how to get javascript working in WordPress! [and why you want the javascript version]  16:02 – 24:55
  • How to put a call to action at the bottom of every post [post footer]  24:55 – 29:57
  • Using shortcodes for putting a sign up in the middle of a post  29:57 – 30:30

 Notes on Each Topic and Resources


  • Bluehost/Hostgator – Good shared hosting services
  • WPEngine – More expensive, great customer service and scalable webhosting
  • Imsanity – Use this plugin to trim and search for large images on your WordPress website
  • Covered in video: How to move your website hosting – how long, how hard, what has to happen?
    • his site goes down, or has been slow
    • has used cached plugin
    • the uselessness of shared web hosting support
    • sometimes your host is just bad quality

Hosting Migration

  • Involved coordinated action, and technical expertise to backup, export, and migrate data.


  • It’s an extra layer on top of PayPal


  • Must use HTML mode if you want to use Javascript embed method to work properly
  • Switching visual to HTML mode strips out code in several occasions
    • Widget/sidebar text widgets strip this out too, use this plugin to enable Widgets with HTML [or “Text”] mode.
    • Use shortcode plugin mentioned below to solve this problem, so the script won’t be stripped out when moving between visual and HTML

Add Post Footer Plugin

  • Use for adding content, like a newsletter sign up to the bottom of every post
  • 30:45 Add an image or your signup form in a normal post or page like you would normally, and copy the code from the HTML mode and paste it into the add-post-footer plugin

Gravity Forms Plugin with PayPal Addon

  • Used as a e-commerce system, and explored how to see if a buyer has paid, and with what e-mail address.

Shortcoder Plugin

  • Use this plugin to set up “shortcodes” for your AWeber or other embeds, so you can easily embed them without “wrestling” with HTML mode, and frustrations from switching back and forth from HTML mode and Visual mode.