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Before you run away, I promise, cross my heart, hope to die, this will be easy, un-intimidating and beneficial, no lie!

We’re going to talk about code for just a few minutes. I’m going to make it painless and short. One small baby step that will take some of the scaryness of HTML away.

You know there’s code behind everything on the web, including your website, and in this e-mail, we’re going to examine just 3 pieces of code that will make you a wizard when trying to fix formatting in your WordPress content, widgets, and most places that call for “code” on the web.

Here they are.


[If you already know these, kudos, try learning how to add a custom Facebook Page tab.]

How to Use

When you’re in “Text” mode in WordPress, these pieces of code are incredibly useful.

We’ll break down what they do, and next time you’re angry at your content not lining up, these should do the trick in fixing the problem.


You can place this anywhere in Text or “code” mode, and it will create a line break, meaning it will stop whatever is before it, and put whatever is after it, on the next line. You can place several of these in a row for moving content down in small increments. Sex filmleri


Place this piece of code right before anything, like a picture, or a youtube embed, to center it. You must put <center> before the content, and </center> right after the last thing you want centered.


This stands for horizontal rule, and it creates a thin line, the length of your page width wherever you place it. Use it to separate content.

That’s it!! Re-read so they soak in, remember to use “Text” mode.

TIP: Sometimes code get’s washed away switching back and forth from Text mode to Visual mode, so try hitting the update button before switching back to Visual mode.

*There are rare cases where your <hr> isn’t a thin line, but a fancy image or design.

I truly hope this was useful, and want to know about it if it wasn’t.

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