faster website with cloudflare

One out of many ways to make your website a faster website is by using a free service called Cloudflare.

I wanted to write a post about it because it gets overlooked and ignored, when it really shouldn’t.

One reason this happens is because it’s one of those services that people struggle to understand, and so under utilize, meaning, never give the time of day.

That stinks because they leave it’s clear cut speed boosts on the table and off their website!

Is that you? ?

It’s okay, like I said, it’s one of those things that until that “Ah ha!” moment, you just sort of just blink at and move on.

So let’s get you to the “Ah ha!” moment.

OK, How’s It Work?

Cloudflare works by becoming a filter of sorts for all your website traffic, and in doing so, saves frequently called pieces of your site, like an image for example, on multiple computers around the world, and then when someone visits your site, Cloudflare gives it to them as locally as possible and really fast.

The concept in general of this “filter” is called a CDN or content delivery network.

In short, this speeds up your site.

Speed is good, we like website speed. Visitors, Google, and I’m sure you also like speed when visiting and working on your website.

Cloudflare can do a whole lot more, like improve security for one, and that was a simple way to explain it, but sufficient for making the point.

See the super short explainer video below for a bit more.


OK, OK How Do I Get Cloudflare For a Fast Website With Very Little Effort?

Hopefully this short little explanation has nudged you to look at Cloudflare further for your website or at least not just glaze over when someone says CDN or Cloudflare in the future.

Set up is not difficult [and if you need help, IT Arsenal can help, it’s why we exist] and involves changing a few addresses [DNS] at your current registrar, the place you bought your domain from, to route through Cloudflare.

–> Sign up for a Cloudflare account here and make your website faster than it is now


–> drop IT Arsenal a line if you’re interested in help setting it up, or have other questions about CDNs and website speed.


Want other ways you can speed up your website? See the pop up in the bottom right corner for a free PDF with three more ways to speed up your site.