Hi Rob,

Laurie recommended you today particularly because her WP site went down and she said you restored it quickly. (I just subscribed to your newsletter via my gmail account.)

Anywho – I’m contacting you because I design websites and I wonder which WordPress plugin you recommend to backup the WP database.

In the past I”ve installed plugin: WordPress Database Backup by Austin Matzko.

Any thoughts you may have on this would be most welcome.

Thank you!


Hi! I actually have a service where I manage this monthly as there’s no real “perfect” system that is just “set it and forget it” for everyone yet, many promise it but with the varying website environments out there, I just haven’t found it… sometimes a system can be created depending on your WordPress install, and the web host you use, but that takes a lot more inspection and some technical setup, so be careful!

I recommend, and use BackupBuddy the WordPress plugin, but often times you need to tweak things or get involved at in their forums for an initial set up to have it work perfectly, other times not, and out of the plethora of BAD backup plugins out there, this is the best. 

You can see my maintenance and backup plans or I can install BackupBuddy and configure it if you’re interested.

Thanks for the e-mail, Laurie is the best!