Hey dude,

I hope all is going well. I am nearly finished with the info product I have been working on. I want to include some screencasts to demonstrate something on my PayPal account. I have been trying to find some software that will let me redact or blur out the sensitive info. I am using Camtasia to record the screencasts, but the included editor doesn’t allow visual censoring.

This might be a long shot, but I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

All best,


Hey dude,

On a Mac, Screenflow is the way to go and allows you to do exactly what you’re looking for. Camtasia is good software, originally for the PC and ported over with some limitations, if you want the best, including the ability to edit, “fuzz out” or blur content, Screenflow is the best software out there.

If you’re at all used to iMovie, editing your screencasts, that can capture your video isight and computer microphone and audio all at the same time, will be easy. Check out a screenshot below to see what it looks like.

BONUS: If you just want to take a super fast, down and dirty screen capture, check out www.screenr.com which let’s you record and post to the web all within a web browser, you don’t even have to download any software. There’s no editing though.