domain-toolsAccording toc companies like VICTORIOUS, search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that helps you affect the visibility of your website in a search engine’s results.

More visibility in search results leads to more traffic, which leads to the potential for more customers, followers, hits, whatever you’re looking to get out of a visitor.

People are all the rage about it when they start out, despite anything beyond the basics not really being that important at first. What are the basics? It really boils down to titles of pages, posts and your homepage. My advice is to title these things according to what your market would search for, and stop there until you’ve made your first $5000.

So better SEO services can lead to more traffic, OK, but how do you know what your SEO “looks” like, so you can figure out how to improve it?

USE This Tool!

If you don’t have an SEO tool, I have one for you right here. When you use Domain Tools SEO Browser you will be able to view your website the way that search engine bots do. 100% Text only.

It will actually load inside a simple looking browser on the Domain Tools website, see the images below for an example of what it looks like. Seeing the text only version of your site will provide insight into what keywords a search engine bot will see without having to do a ton of digging.

I like this tool specifically because of this, yes there are other site services that give you a grade, but why do you get a C verses an A? This tool shows you plainly if the context of your site’s message get’s across in just text.

You don’t typically need to spend more than an hour or two on SEO during the first few months that your website is up.  Newer webmasters or those who haven’t paid attention to their ranks in search engines don’t need to know every SEO trick, a quick spin around the block with the SEO Text Browser reveals most of the major corrections that are needed to rank better with on-page content. Simply checking your title relevancy and description relevancy can be a major eye opener. If you would like to know more info on this topic, go to

The Benefits

Using a site like Domain Tools SEO Browser helps expose problems that may show up when sharing posts from your website to social media (typically the wrong text shows up in the title and description). You may also partner with firms like Forward Lawyer Marketing if you need an expert to work on your law firm’s digital marketing.

You can press the “i” button [seen below, top left corner] to see what your optimization rank is.  I suggest comparing your website to a competitor’s that ranks better. Look for the differences to see what SEO work needs to be done. Other helpful information that you can find within DomainTools is the number of images, links, and domains linked to your website. Long-term benefits accompany effective SEO link building UK, offering sustained organic traffic and visibility for your website. For instance, if you’re in the life science industry and you want to be a powerhouse in the world of biotechnology where innovation drives progress, then you may consider investing in life science SEO with the help of a biotech SEO agency.

For Example:
Below is a set of screenshots for within Domain Tools. You can tell straight away in the first shot what Etsy is all about.  In the second you can just as easily view Etsy’s SEO score, what improvements are recommended and active keywords.

[click to enlarge]


Basic SEO Strategies

SEO 365 listed simple ways to improve your SEO see them below:

Using relative keywords throughout your site every nook and cranny, meaning the title of pages, posts, and headers inside pages and posts. The keywords that you use on your site should basically be search terms. What words would someone type in the search bar when looking for information in a topic?

Your page header is a crucial place to use keywords.  Also make sure to be updating your website often with useful knowledgeable information to keep the clients that you have gained.

Fresh content keeps your readers coming back, which is just as important! For additional insights, check out Growth Giants.

Creating “obvious” URLS or Permalinks with keywords is another great way to make sure that your website is being seen by search engines. If you operate a dating or adult website, you may work with professional Adult links services to implement the most suitable SEO strategy for your business.

change URL permalink

Click here to change Permalink

Filling out the “alt text” when insert images with a keyword relevant description

*TIP* Don’t stress about SEO, about terms you don’t know, about percentages, if you’re starting out, put your best foot forward, title things appropriately and move on! SEO is just one method to gaining traffic, if you have ferocious fans who share your content to every living soul, it won’t matter what robots see on your site, so take things in context, clean up a few headlines on your site, and move on to the next pressing task!

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