People in the blogging world commonly, almost as a standard, recommend using Feedburner, but what does that mean?

Feedburner is essentially an add-on service for your blog that tracks people who subscribe to your blog using RSS. RSS is a web technology that means “really simple syndication” … in normal speak, that just means it’s a technology that lets different programs latch onto your website (blog) and grab your content.

People subscribe to your “RSS feed” so they can read the content of your blog either in their e-mail, or using a program or web application of some sort, such as Google Reader.

So, Feedburner takes the regular RSS feed your blog creates (your blog creates this automatically most of the time) and grabs it, gives it a new address, tracks anyone who subscribes to that address, and provides other nerdy goodies.

The most important part to get, is that it allows more ways for people to “grab” (subscribe) to your blog, and then allows you to see a number on how many people have taken purposeful action to follow your website.

Basically, this little icon below becomes a little more important if you are at the point in tracking metrics for your site.

You’ll see now if people click on your RSS button.


This question came about as part of a website setup service I was providing for and linking up her site with Feedburner.

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