“I am transferring my domain registration to godaddy, should I purchase standard registration, privacy with business registration or private registration?

Just standard, no need for the other stuff, and nothing you can’t add later, don’t fall prey to the bold text practically yelling at you when you purchase or transfer a website name (domain name). It’s a shame really, because if you don’t know what you are doing, you almost always overspend.


  • The only reason you’d purchase privacy business registration is if you DIDN’T want anyone knowing that your business is related to you. Unless you’re creating some sort of front or hidden LLC (hey I don’t judge) you don’t need this. You can find out who owns a website by going to www.whois.com … if they purchased a “privacy” option, you don’t get anything, if you didn’t you get the name of the buyer.
  • The business registration just ads you to a bunch of directories that can be done for free, and that don’t really make an impact in my experience for search engines. In addition, you don’t really start optimizing for SEO for a few months after you buy a domain, because that’s how long it takes to get up, design, and tweak your website.