Question: What forum software do you see (and/or like) being used in the membership sites of your life coach clients?  I’m using bbPress for and do not like it.  I’d appreciate a recommendation if you have one.

Thanks again for your help.  I will definitely change the username for all of the sites per your security advice.


Answer: Unfortunately, the forum software that integrates best with WordPress, which is what most coaching clients out there are using in my experiences at least, is bbPress, but there’s a few other options that are widely used and supported. I’ll throw a few review links at the bottom of this to take a look at, almost all of them list bbPress as #1, but I understand how it can be a pretty frustrating platform, it’s limited in it’s functionality. Otherwise my thoughts and recommendations below..

  • Forums – This plugin integrates the myBB service into WordPress, so test and give that site a look first.
  • Vanilla Forums – This plugin integrate the Vanilla Forums service, Hubspot uses this
  • Muut – This plugin is new, and so is it’s forum service, but it’s well reviewed so far, might be worth a look!

If you’re not concerned with the forum being an actual part of the website, as in embedded in the core website pages, but separate and likely needing to be themed to match the core site, these are great.

Outside WordPress Forums



Thanks for the great question Vic Magary!


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