Service professionals today spend a lot of time communicating. Communication is at the forefront of acquiring new business and providing actual service.

This means email, lots of email, and most of the time, detailed response type email. Customer service, helpful, valuable, needed, appreciated and expected responses.

If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, someone who wears many hats, anyone working in a technical field, etc. you get this.

In our digital world communication is continually evolving, video chatting is common for a set meeting over the internet, clearly phone calls are still used as well. However these both happen either at a scheduled time or accepted from an existing contact with some context, they both also take away from, not add to the grind of trying to improve one’s business while being effective in a flow of work.

There’s a better way than email

While “video messages” like voicemail hasn’t really caught on with our phones, they are an easily adapted method of response for email that really does save time, and provide value to the recipient.

This is where loom and your clients / vendors come in.

Responding to an email that needs any sort of detail, that can’t be 5 lines [much to the chagrin of Noah Kagan and impatient CEOs everywhere] the kind of responses that are more like doing work or providing help, or service of some sort takes time. One of the primary reasons is because anything technical, whether it be complicated emotions, or technology related needs the right set of words in the right context to land and make the impact.

This is service oriented type work, everything can’t get done with short sentences. Our emails are like customized blog posts.

This is why video makes sense, and why video, over top of your computer screen makes it even better. This is called a screen recording or screen capture.

Talking saves time over typing, plus the ability demonstrate with your computer screen is a powerful combination. It’s worth stopping, learning how it works, and placing it in your brain ready to use in your business.

Your laptop, like a portátil ofertas, already has the capabilities built in, a front facing camera, microphone, and the software is easy to use.

*Why Video Communication?*

94% of people saying it helps increase productivity and studies showing video increases information retention by 54% versus text truly making it the most efficient way to share knowledge for everyone.

Okay, I trust you get it, how to use Loom

Loom is a Google Chrome browser addon, alternatives also listed below.

How to Use Loom

Download Loom from the link below and watch this video.

Get Loom here.



Screencastify is another Chrome browser addon alternative option.

Monosnap is a nice Mac and Windows compatible alternative also.

Bonus use, demonstrating issues for technical support

I come across people all the time with a problem they have trouble describing, or try to describe but I almost always need more detail from to understand and perform some technical work. Sometimes this is to resolve an issue with a website or computer, sometimes it’s to build a page, update a system, or do some sort of work.

It’s a safe bet that demonstrating and verbally describing most technology issues will save you time, and be appreciated on the other end.

This means getting an app built, relaunching your website, describing a design update, conveying a way you want some piece of software to work, are all perfect examples of when to use a screen recording.

Learn how to do a screen recording today, save yourself the most limited thing you have, time, while making your job easier.