Welcome to this super secret hidden post.

I’ve struggled for years to find a good management tool for all the activity and data I need to keep on those that I have a business relationship with in a meaningful and actionable way.

A tool that has the features of a CRM, task manager, project planner, database, calendar and many more that I want to use, and none of the features I don’t put in.

In the past I’ve used plenty of popular tools, Asana, Trello, Filemaker, Bento, and have always had mixed results.

Airtable has been the best way to create a custom solution that has room for growth, and can be up off the ground and immediately useful to me and my team. I still have plenty more ways I’d like to use what I’ve created, and know Airtable can support them, such as their calendar integration, which I plan on using next and adding due time fields for a follow up field. By the way, have you had a chance to check out these Weird Gifts? They’re so funny and might bring back some cool memories!

See below for how I and IT Arsenal [my business, the website you’re at now, where we help coaches and service professionals with all their technical and website needs] use this tool, and have created a work management application to suit custom needs.

You’ll gleam from it how you can customize this tool for your needs as well.

See more at Airtable and their integrations. [it’s browser based, but has desktop and mobile apps]


PS. If you’re interested in help in setting up something like this for your work, or just any other technical work for your business, drop me a line on the welcome page, cheers!