Quick house keeping update. IT Arsenal is now running on the latest iteration of the theme “DMS” from Pagelines. It’s not without it’s faults, but the clean look, easy customization, and fancy drag and drop sections are appreciated. You’ll notice the new floating navigation menu, which is a plugin called Uber Menu, and a more responsive layout.

The site should be a bit leaner with load times thanks to IT Arsenal’s website host WP Engine, and cleaner in terms of sidebar junk because that stuff is annoying! More content, more usefulness to your business.

We’ve also removed the arduous services menu and replaced it with a large fly-out “chinese menu” of sorts. I hope it’s more clear to find useful services.

Lastly, we’re transitioning the entire IT Arsenal website to SSL, that means you’ll see HTTPS more than HTTP in the address bar, and in general everything will be more secure. Unfortunately, due to the nature of what needs to change, you may see some “mixed content” warnings in your browser, or missing images from time to time. Rest assured, IT Arsenal is a trust worthy place to browse, share, and get support, these are just some “growing pains” of securing all pages. If you have any concerns, you can always reach out on Twitter, Facebook, or the contact page.

End service announcement!