Familiar with these stopping points in launching or updating your website?

“I need a header, still waiting on my graphic designer

“I don’t have a logo yet, I’m working on that”

“My sales page has no graphics, my website is bland…”

These all seem like graphic designer things that cost $100-1000 each, but let’s cut the crap, you need to move forward now, so…I’m super excited to announce this course!

It’s all about the tactics to get you working logo, header, and sales page images so you can move beyond that “stuck” point, WITHOUT a graphic designer, and without tons of time investment.

The course was built with a real beginner, Stephan March, who I met months ago through a reply to the IT Arsenal newsletter.  He’s in the course video’s asking questions during the course, and prompting the best tips and tactics on inspiration, fonts, icons, image transparency, inserting graphics into WordPress, and other tricks.

The actual course content is made of how-to instruction, tips, and tricks in the form of web services, text and screen cast videos that will be invaluable to an online entrepreneur.

This course will erase the excuse that you MUST have a graphic designer to move forward.

I’m not negating the fact that a designer is sometimes needed to create graphics, but nothing a graphic designer can do now, can’t be done later. They should not be a stopping a point for you.

The technical difficulty level is low enough and tools freely available to produce logo’s, headers, and sales page graphics in only a few hours with the right tips, tactics, and know-how.

Graphics that will move you past being “stuck” and not launching your site or sales page, or idea.

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Review: Worth the time and money

Robert puts together a collection of resources to generate a no to low cost logo image. Then he shows you the basics of putting these images together and onto your site. I learned a lot from the course and felt confident with my new skills to create and upload my new header design. Additionally, Robert was available for follow up questions. Well worth it! See this review on Udemy




Enough! Go Checkout the Course!


50% off for readers! Leave a comment below explaining what you’d use the course for and I’ll e-mail you a code for %50 off!