Website hosting is boring, and something that most people don’t think about except when they initially want a website, and then when something breaks on that website.

WP Engine does something very boring, website hosting, in a way that makes working with them enjoyable.

I’ve had this “aha” moment after enough work with their platform, recommending them, and then in turn having people hire me to move their websites to WP Engine without my prompting to feel compelled to write more about them.

I’ve migrated 10 people in the last 12 months. Moving your entire website isn’t particularly easy, so the decision takes thought and planning.

It’s clear that website hosting is a sliding scale of quality, I’ve seem hosts come and go, grow and shrink in terms of quality [Bluehost, cough, cough] and while there’s no ONE answer that will always be right, to the question, what do you think about website host XYZ.

I’ve been in enough Facebook communities where someone eventually asks the general group, “What website host should I use” and then 134 comments later, you have no idea what the general consensus is and whole lot of opinions and gifs.

However, for me WP Engine is as close to a perfect website host as I’ve found anywhere. Their service is excellent, their support is incredible.

I put this in context of your mission critical websites, the “flagship” domains you have, belong on WP Engine, here’s a few reasons why…

  • One button staging environment, copy and test without breaking your existing website
  • Top quality on demand chat support
  • Clean and functional web portal
  • Quality of hosting, uptime, speed, and built in malware protection

Do I still use other hosts?, sure, absolutely, I have development sites, and subdomains, and truthfully, sites that aren’t ready or are not important enough to put on the higher quality, and higher cost hosting go to places like SiteGround, and Hostgator, ect.

Website hosting is a per website choice, and not all websites are equal.

So there you have it, it’s been said. 

If you’re frustrated with your host, and have perhaps outgrown them, give WP Engine a try, or drop us a line and ask anything you’d like about them. IT supports over a dozenusers on the platform and interact with them regularly.

–> I’d be happy to help you with your migration process.

Questions like this are what IT Arsenal thrives on, get in touch if you need to know something about your website or have questions about a change you’re thinking about.