Zoom – http://zoom.us/ – Yes, I know about the security issues, yes I still trust them, and they are working on it. Best multi-person easy to use video chat out there. I’ve tried to have 3+ person Facetime group chats several times, it’s just not as good.

Notion.so – https://www.notion.so/ – Like a container for your brain, which has to capture a lot right now, including all those posted articles about how to keep your kids entertained, educated, and healthy, see here for my saved, organized ideas -> https://www.notion.so/robertgranholm/kid-covid-ideas-c3a0e11f74df401085955c6ba4e54133

Freedom – https://freedom.to/ – Programmable focus time, lock out things like your email, Facebook, etc, so you can get real work done

Synergy – https://symless.com/synergy – Do you have a work laptop, and some form of home computer? Synergy lets you use one keyboard and mouse for multiple computers

Peloton – https://www.onepeloton.com/app – 90 day free trial, start a new workout home routine

Kardkeeper – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kardkeeper/id1500710136 – save all your old xmas cards, then throw them away please, because you probably are going through things you haven’t in a while and stumbled on your stack of cards you don’t want to trash but don’t know what to do with.