Are you thinking of, or currently operating a business of some sort?

Perhaps a side hustle, or an Etsy shop, or consulting, or selling clothes for a non profit?

Are you just making it up, listening to a thought leader, friend, or coach on what to do and just slapping together the website and other technology needed to make it work as you go?

It’s okay, that’s normal, but it won’t get you very far.

Free blogs are great, Shopify is great, Facebook Pages are great, but they should not be the main component behind your business. [they are excellent accompaniments]

An hour spent learning the foundations of a business website, of general online business tools, and how the pullies and levers work will make all the difference in giving you the context to grow your business and make actual sales.

You’re inside a car, operating the air conditioning before you understand how filling up the gas tank works, what road you’re on and where you’re going. You’ll be comfortable for a while, but it’s going to get ugly when you’re so far in the wrong direction turning around seems impossible, and your gas just ran out.

What to do?

Prime yourself on the basics on websites, email addresses / marketing, and sales systems.

Here’s what others have said after doing that

…put comments from forums where I released this..

How to do it?

Knowledge is power in this case, and I’ve put together a technology guide to reference and learn the foundations.

A read through of the guide will be a powerful action step in understanding where to start in your business, what’s the next steps for growth, and eliminating any of the common technical hurdles or misunderstandings.


ITA – update beacon technology guide pages based on LI and fizzle feedback – use as incentive upgrade on a new blog post about the foundations of online business and the modern entrepreneur