Hey Rob,

I know I’ve spoken to you about this a handful of times but I still haven’t been able to find a solution that works. I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong or just haven’t found the right solution.

So here goes….

I am looking for a solution that syncs between google & ical AND can be editable from ical on my phone, desktop, mac etc as well as from google.


 Hey Doug,

I’ve battled the same situation.

The solution for me is to use the program BusyCal on my computer, and set up the Google account on my phone and iPad with these instructions from Google. The end result is a nice interface on the computer, the ability to sync and update events on my Apple mobile devices, and of course the ability to login to Google on a website and see everything. More info below.

These settings configure your IOS (Apple) mobile devices to connect to Google like an “Exchange” server, which you don’t really have to know apart from the fact that this is different than using the default “Google” setup on your iPhone/iPad.

BusyCal is EXACTLY like iCal, just improved, and connects with Google’s calendars perfectly. I think it’s even been deemed “iCal Pro” in some circles. I’ve used it for years, it has a good track record and looks like it will be around a long time.

The program let’s you add your Google accounts and have them actually function how they are supposed to, including all shared and additional categories. You can see how it looks below compared to the clunky iCal/Calendars App.

If you’re looking for an improved calendar on IOS by the way, check out Week Calendar, it’s what I use. It has more views, and is all around more flexible.


Update: Doug wrote: Thanks Rob.  just installed and this looks great!