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I’ve been a miscreant! A total loser! I should be flogged!

I haven’t e-mailed you some awesome stuff I’ve been using when I promised you useful information!

I think I owe you, you might not, but I do and so I’m going to make it up to you below.

Here are SIX powerful tools and how I use them, for SIX critical parts of your business, along with some useful posts about online business I think you’ll really be able to put to use.

No catch, nothing else! I hope you find them useful, hit reply if you have questions!


Scheduling – ScheduleOnce [Freemium]
I use this on my site so people can choose and make appointments from times I’ve set. You can embed it or use the page they give you. See it live: https://itarsenal.com/scheduler/

Website Backup – Backup Buddy [FREE because you’re my client]
I use this WordPress plugin to backup WordPress sites reliably and fully, and migrate them! Some learning required.
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Contact Forms – Gravity Forms [FREE because you’re my client]
Gravity Forms is the best forms plugin available for WordPress. Use it for reliable contact forms and much more (newsletter sign ups) with their add-ons.
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Digital Product Box Art – BoxShotKing [Lowcost]
I use this for digital product pictures, super easy, zero graphic skills required for awesome images like this one:
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List Building – Welcome Gate [Free]
This plugin is fairly new, by Clay Collins, it’s the most unobtrusive way to grow your list. It plants a one time only welcome page that integrates with your newsletter service on your site. New visitors see it once, that’s it.

Social Media – Buffer [Freemium]
If you’re not into social media, that’s okay, make it easier by “batch” writing updates. Buffer let’s you line up a series of posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and then they trickle out overtime. Great for you to get in, and get out without having to feel tied to social media madness.

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